Best Substitute for Wrenches While Fixing Things

At some point in our lives, we will encounter instances where a chair or table leg becomes wobbly and loose, you need to dismantle furniture, or a pipe is leaking in your house. To fix things, we try to attempt to utilize our fingers but we just wind up having sore fingers. This goes to show that we should use the appropriate tools for fixing projects. In these instances, the appropriate equipment you can use is a wrench or a spanner. But, what measures must you take if you don’t own a wrench? If you want to know, keep on reading our list of the best substitute you can utilize for projects aside from a wrench.

Two coins

Who would have known that money could be beneficial as a makeshift tool? All you have to do is to get two large coins and then position them on the nut’s either side. For you to loosen the nut, just hold the coins amid the knuckles of your middle finger and index for additional grip and then twist in the desired direction.

Duct tape

This tool is beneficial in nearly all instances. However, you could be shocked to know that you could actually utilize it to loosen bolts. The first thing to do is to tear off a part about 12 in. long, Then, tear it down in between so that you can have two strips with 12-inch length.

Stick one strip to the non-sticky part to create a strong tape strip. Then, wrap the strip’s portion near the nut, which leaves a tail that stretches 6 up to 8 inches. Firmly press it to guarantee that it has stuck on the metal nut. To remove it easily, you just need to pull the tail of the duct tape in the direction needed to loosen the nut.

Zip tie

Zip ties are not only utilized to attach hubcaps and clean up cables, but they could also be utilized as a substitute for a wrench as well. First, you need to position the zip-tie all over the nut as tight as you can and pull in the required direction using the zip tie’s tail to tighten or loosen the nut.

Bolt and another nut

If you don’t own the items that are mentioned above but have a lot of bolts and nuts lying around, you could still make a makeshift using two bolts and two nuts.

Initially, link one of the bolts to one of the nuts and position the bolt on top of the nut that you want to tighten or loosen. Keep on adjusting until the nut is tightly gripped amid the nut and the head of the bolt.

After that, get the second nut and link it for you to link the two bolts. Guarantee that everything is tightly linked and rotate your creation in the required direction to loosen or tighten it.

Those are four of the alternatives you can use if you don’t own a wrench. They can help you tighten or loosen nuts without the help of a wrench. If you want more handyman tips, visit us regularly. If you want any assistance in terms of big projects, look for the handyman near me in Handyman Allentown PA.