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Join a Giant Panda Volunteer Program Program or Panda Keeper Program to have an opportunity to get to know more about pandas and take care of them. This special experience is only available in Chengdu.

Dujiangyan Panda Ark, short for the China Conservation and Research Center for the Giant Panda (CCRCGP) Dujiangyan Base-Panda Ark, is located 60 kilometers, or 1.5-2 hours by car, from Chengdu City. 

Dujiangyan Panda Ark is now the only base in China to join the Panda Keeper Program and to hold panda for photos. This unique one day tour will utilize your time to get close to lovely pandas and offer a chance for you to hold one in your arms. There is a daily quota of 20 volunteers for the Panda Keeper Program, so please inquire and confirm at least two weeks in advance and we can secure 98% of booking.Your early booking (at least two weeks before departure) is also useful to guarantee the availability of the program.


     - Tour around the brand new Dujiangyan Panda Base without disturbing of noisy tourists

     - Feed a panda with your own hands at a very close distance

     - Clean the enclosure for pandas

     - Watch a special documentary movie about panda's life cycle

     - Make panda cakes in different shapes

     - Receive a unique certificate proving you are a Panda lover

In the morning, your guide will pick you up from your hotel in Chengdu. Your guide will call you at the hotel one day in advance or leave a message to double check the collection time with you.
Arrive at the Dujiangyan Panda Base and sign up with the assistance of your guide. Get a uniform, gloves, and a volunteer's card. Your guide will introduce you to the professional panda keepers. The panda keepers can speak simple English but your guide will be there for you at all times, helping to translate and taking memorable photos of you with the lovable pandas.

Clean the panda enclosures. Panda keepers need to supply fresh bamboo to these national treasures three times a day. The pandas usually eat only 30% of the bamboo, wasting 70% of it. You will need to sweep out the leftovers and replace it with fresh bamboo, as well as clean out the feces.

Take a break and tour around the panda base. There are about 10 pandas in the base and some of them were born abroad, including the most popular Tai Shan, who arrived from the U.S. in 2010. Have a relaxing walk in the well-paved base and listen to the legendary stories of these pandas. You will also have a chance to meet four naughty red pandas.

Feed a panda! Pandas are supplied with panda cakes, apples, and carrots four times a day. The panda keepers will show you how to feed a panda with your own hands at close proximity.

Have lunch and a rest. A simple Chinese lunch is included in the panda keepers' canteen. Usually there are two meat dishes and one vegetable dish. Rice and porridge are also provided. It is highly recommended for you to prepare some snacks in case you do not like the food there. After lunch, you can walk around to continue exploring or have a rest in the volunteer office or the resting room, where benches are provided.

Watch a panda movie that lasts for about 40 minutes. You will see a special documentary about how the shy pandas mate, give birth, grow up, and are returned to the wild.

More cleaning and feeding. The bamboo you supplied in the morning will have become dry by the afternoon. Remove it and replace it with fresh bamboo. Then feed the pandas with some more panda cakes and apples.
Make panda cakes. Having fed the pandas with panda cakes, aren't you curious as to how they are made? It is time to make some panda cakes with your own hands. The ingredients will be prepared in advance. Get creative about the shapes of the cakes.

Get a certificate. The volunteer work ends here and you will receive a certificate for this unforgettable day. Say goodbye to the pandas you take care of. Your guide and driver will escort you back to your hotel in Chengdu and you will arrive at around 5:30pm.

Sometimes the activities listed in the description will be adjusted according to health condition of the pandas. Hope customers can understand this.

Photo with Panda
It costs as much as CNY100,000 (US$16,260) to raise one panda each month. A donation program that allows you to take pictures with a panda next to you for about 20 seconds is not included in the Panda Keeper Program. It is only available in Dujiangyan Panda Base and the donation amount is CNY1,800 per person [July 2015].
Only 30 tourists are allowed to take close-up photos with pandas each day. If you would like to take part in this donation program, please tell your travel advisor in advance because we have to book it at least one week in advance. This program is subject to the availability of pandas on that day. Please take enough CNY cash, as payment by a non-Chinese credit card is not accepted there.
Please note the photo program is totally depends on the availability of the pandas on that day. We will double check on the booking one day in advance and inform you as soon as there is any unexpected change.

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